Swimming with Dolphins Improves Emotional Intelligence


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[Kealakekua, Hawaii] Swimming with dolphins improves emotional intelligence by developing an individual’s capacity for ‘biophilia’ - the ability to love life and connect with nature. Increases in emotional intelligence - the ability to become aware of, to manage, to integrate emotions, and capacities such as biophilia - lead to improved communications and interactions with others in social settings. Swimming with dolphins therefore helps individuals develop capacities for resolving interpersonal conflicts. So claims an international expert in conflict resolution who has taught at prestigious universities in the United States and Australia.

Dr Michael Salla has taught and researched at the Australian National University (1994-1996), American University in Washington DC (1996-2004), and George Washington University (2002). His specialty was conflict resolution and his field research took him off to brave the dangers of ethnic conflicts in East Timor, Sri Lanka and Kosovo. During his research he discovered that emotional intelligence was critical for harmonious communications and interactions, and is a critical tool in conflict resolution.

After moving to Hawaii in 2004 and directly interacting with wild spinner dolphins, he began experiencing at first hand how dolphins directly influence human behaviors and impact on emotional intelligence. Citing from a November 2005 scientific study published in the British Medical Journal, he argues that there is a clear correlation between emotional intelligence and dolphin interaction. He argues that the British study factually establishes that dolphin interactions develop ‘biophilia’ which is an emotional capacity as opposed to a temporary state of euphoria. So rather than just producing a temporary emotional high, dolphin interaction actually develops a key emotional capacity that is a part of emotional intelligence.

He claims that his research can assist individuals develop more harmonious social relationships and he has begun offering seminars and retreats in Hawaii offering dolphin interactions. He believes that his seminars/retreats will help couples in particular develop more harmonious relationships and improve emotional intelligence of participating individuals.

Dr Salla has released a series of articles studying the relationship between emotional intelligence and dolphin interactions. His website features his and others research on dolphin interactions developing various aspects of emotional intelligence, and is available at: http://eq4couples.com/articles.htm

For further information on his seminars and retreats for couples in Hawaii go to: www.eq4couples.com

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