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Gourmet meals for Retreats, Workshops, and Celebrations, using the finest quality Organic Island Garden Produce, hand-picked exotic Tropical Fruit from local Farms, and the Freshest Seafood available.
Options for Vegan or Raw, individually tailored menus
Specializing in Asian Cuisine (Thai, Indian, Japanese), as well as Ayurvedic cooking and Cleansing Regimes.  Always LOTS of Greens!

18 years experience aiding personal transformation through  cooking with love and attention to the highest vibration of nourishment!

Available Island-wide as well as mainland
Seeking Energy Exchange
Healing facilitator looking to exchange energetic healing sessions for another modality.

Massage, cranial sacral, or related, most welcome.
I integrate a background in Healing Touch, Reiki, Reconnective Healing, and more.

Each session is different, as I respond to guidance and intuition for the highest good of the client. Any healing accomplished is dependent on the client and God/Creator. Whatever he/she is prepared for at the moment. I make myself available as a pure, clear channel allowing the energies to come through to assist the client in their own process.

Spirit led me to Hawaii to share my presence/presents. I’m here by Pele’s grace. I live magically, and by intuition. Let’s share our gifts.

Bernie Middleton
h) 328-9146
Dolphin Podners Spirit Community
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Jonathan Kay
Angel Foundation


Laura Lizak
83-5544 Middle Keei Rd,
Captain Cook, Big Island, Hawaii
(808) 328-9303 * (505) 670-0714
Julia Fairchild
(805) 277-7751
(808) 937-0351

Call Marta Barreras
for a personal consultation

FAX #: 808-328-1421

PO Box 2574
Kealakekua, HI 96750

Dr Michael E. Salla,

Angelika Whitecliff,

Tel: 808 443 8412
Fax: 808 323 3400
Mail: PO Box 2013, Kealakekua, HI 96750, USA

"Back to Balance" is lovingly owned and operated by
William Silver
PO Box 1887
Kealakekua, HI 96750

Home 808-323-2347
Cell 808-345-5685
Or email me.

Nancy Emery
(808)  938-4763
Mail   Malama I Ka Ola
Holualoa, HI 

~ The Studio ~

Center for Holistic Arts
45-3684 Mamane Street
Honoka'a, Hawaii 96727

Phillip & Ana Jones
Kathryn Andren
Colourworks Consultant and Teacher
Massage Therapy & Healing Arts

(808) 328-8533

Visit Gemini Awakening

Inner & Outer Journeys
Embody your Essence and Enliven the Spirit
Dear Podners,

I am offering a special right now for every first session of each categorie of my one-on-one-sessions of healing-work as follows

50% off !!!

I have 13 years of experience in this work.

(see CV

With lots of Aloha, Margit Mayra


A Transformational Process
A Core Essence Session takes about an hour and a half.

now only 45.-

now only  45.-


now only 33.-US

For more information as well as appointments, call Margit Mayra at 756 4428

Akashic Readings and EFT Sessions

How can an akashic reading help someone?
Akashic readings can assist in developing an understanding of your life’s purpose at present and or your blocks in achieving them. Many people think they are doing all that they are meant to do at present. Yet due to trauma and subconscious blocks in our belief systems we are not able to potentialize our full authentic self. Very few in the world are actually potentializing what their soul is actually designed to potentialize in a grounded expression. "Authentic" does not mean spiritual visioning, beingness and living a simple reserved spiritual life. lt means grounded third dimensional physical potentialization- it means being/doing something here and now that is a direct intension of your soul.  Have you ever had a knowing and a conviction that you wanted to achieve something in your intimate world or to help the world in a certain way and could not realize it?  An akashic reading can assist you to understand your potential life’s direction and provide you with a present grounded blueprint of your soul gifts. Almost any question can be answered. Although future predictions are only limited to the potential blueprint of what you feel is possible at present, that is something l leave up to the person to decide.

EFT - is a remarkable technique that can clear trauma, emotional, and belief systems that are blocking your souls potential for balance and to achieve your authentic potential. One session of  EFT can equate years of council because eft deactivates trauma and negative conditioning as you talk about what is the challenge. Myself and many others have benefited by it in a remarkable way.

What is possible?
Remarkable rehabilitation of childhood trauma, relationship, financial, career, physical, and spiritual imbalances so that a soul can achieve its ultimate potential and happiness.

For more information please call: Asolaria Liberalis at 328-8123

We are here to help you find
practical & empowering solutions to life’s problems.

Here is how we can help you

“I find this process works much faster and is more lasting than traditional therapies.”
Jan Sarbora, Teacher, Washington
Francois Benoist Certified
Option Process Mentor-Counselor
Joyce Marvel-Benoist
Professional Life Coach, Certified
mediator & Qigong instructor
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The Dancing Dolphin Ministry
A Ministry of the Heart
Reverend Pomaika`i Coulon
P.O. Box 2945, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 96745
Office: (808) 323-3838
Cell: (808) 756-4700