New Changes in Community Announcements from Dolphin Spirit of Hawaii

Doug, Trish and Julia


Dear Dolphin Podners,

The time has come for us to make some changes to the way the community announcements are handled. Doug (and then Julia) have happily served the community by sending the announcements as they have been AND, nothing is without its challenges. We have had mixed responses to this method.

We wish to thank Julia for her amazing and time consuming efforts to help out with the announcements. Your contributions have helped to pay her a small fee (not what she deserves for sure!!) About half of you on the list have donated and we are so grateful.....these donations have allowed us to continue the service. The new service will be free and no donations are asked.

Some people have voiced their displeasure at receiving so many emails
in their boxes .... and a number of people have "unsubscribed" for this reason.

Some find the time lag hard to deal with, especially when announcements are expected to go out immediately without the usual requested three days lead time.

Recently, MyNewsLetterBuilder (our email service), dropped many, many subscribers from our list, due to bulk mailing rules and regulations. We are still trying to recover those email addresses, and many are not receiving the announcements.

Julia has also felt strongly that a more long-lasting access to notices can be made available to newcomers seeking homes, transportation, and even activities and community services and connections (see more in her email about her new web site offering.)

And lastly, the number of requests for notices being sent out has become burdensome to busy schedules, and demands on time and energy for Doug and Julia.

Sooooo, here's what we have planned.

1) We have created a Yahoo Group, which will allow everyone to share
your own announcements (placing them yourselves), and you can choose whether to
receive the messages individually in separate emails (as they are sent), as a digest (listing the titles of announcements sent in each day ... the announcements can be viewed by clicking on them), or to visit the Yahoo site to visit the archives when you're seeking specific items, events, or whatever.

The name of that Yahoo Group is "Dolphin Spirit Community Podners" at Yahoo!

In order to join the group, you must first create a Yahoo! profile, and then join the group (getting your password.) Our Yahoo Group is only accessed by those of you who join (we will never sell or share your emails with others.) We will also be sending invitations to our entire list through the Yahoo! Group service as soon as we have the details in place.

2) Julia has generously and in service to us all created a website on her own whereupon she will post the announcements as she receives them from the Yahoo Groups site. She will share the details in another announcement. You should send your announcements in to the Yahoo Groups first to make sure that all podners will receive notice that they are there, then, if you have a flyer or graphics to add to your announcement, send it to Julia and she will put it on the web site (time permitting.) She will explain all of this to you.

You can access the web site here:

Although we may agree with any political or religious announcements that are sent to the Yahoo Group, we are not responsible for their content.

We hope this will make things easier and more efficient for your announcements and are happy to be the monitors for this new Yahoo Group site for the service of the wonderful dolphin community! Thank you all in advance for your patience as we transition into a
new format for sharing Community Announcements.

Please note that we will process Announcements as usual up and until January 27, 2007. That gives us all ten days to make the transition. After that date, you will receive instructions for joining the Yahoo! Group, and sending your message through them, but messages will no longer be posted or sent in this Newsletter format.

Love and Light,
Doug, Trish and Julia


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