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For anyone who wishes to know about the Japanese whalers in our
southern seas at this time, please go to  You can
write to the prime minister of Japan and let him know that you oppose
the illegal killing of whales.  And the Sea Shepherds could use your

To all friends of dolphins and whales,

Please sign the petition and forward to your friends to stop the senseless killing of these beautiful  and intelligent animals.

Warning: The first link contains very graphic pictures.
Click on the second link to sign a petition to help stop the horrible dolphin slaughtering in Japan.

Thank you!

As long as Mankind thinks that Animals don't feel,
will be as long as Animals feel that Mankind doesn't think.
Indian proverb
c. george muller
How far would you go to protect the future?

Dear Podners,

I could feel all your energy during my talk! Thank you! The talk went
very very well - I´m getting a lot of very good feedback. Many people
approached me after the talk, thanking me for the information, and
saying there was so much they didn´t even know about - the
fishing-killings, the sonar. What a lot of people also really
mentioned they were really interested in was the connection to 2012
and all the information about frequencies and the changes of the
planet we´re going through now - and how the Cetaceans are connected
with that. I was impressed how open they were.

There were 300+ people there, which I was told is extremely good
turnup for such a lecture (which has status recommended but not
mandatory) - usually around half less I was told. I think it´s the
dolphins and whales who pulled them in. And in endeffect the lecture
was about peace on the planet.

Representatives from all the organizations from all over the world
came. I´ve been getting already a dozen thank you emails. A lot of
people who approached me after the lecture, and also in their emails,
thanked me as parents, saying that - thinking about their children
living on our planet. I think that shows the talk entered their
hearts. These were people in very serious business suits! A few people
even had tears in their eyes and started telling me their very
personal family stories - the dolphins and whales really touched and
helped open them! Some of them are planning on coming to Hawaii now.

The representatives here were from the UN organizations headquartered
here in Vienna, the International Atomic Energy Agency, which won last
year´s Nobel Peace Prize; the Committee for Peaceful Uses of Outer
Space and Space Applications, Office on Drugs and Crime, the
Industrial Developments Organization, The Commission for Comprehensive
Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty, the Commission for Refugees, The Scientific
Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation

There was an informal gathering later the same day, the people who
helped me get in were just as excited as me and you over there in
Hawaii about this valuable opportunity to multiply information and
love and the message of the Cetaceans into the world! I spoke a little
about Hawaii and we just hung out and had a good time

It looks like I´ll be receiving a sound-recording of the lecture,
still some red-tape it´s going through. A friend will help me edit it
- because there was only some difficulty with the equipment so I had
to stop talking two or three times, but that was only short periods.
So after we edit together, which will take a couple weeks to find
time, then hopefully I´ll be able to put it on a CD or in the internet
for everybody to hear.

The audience loved the footage I received from Trish and everybody
else. I played films all the time.

I backed up all I spoke about with scientific research. Nassim was
able to give me some good pointers when I met him before I left the
Big Island. I also got really good sources from the work of Michael
Hyson and Horace Dobbs, as well as many many others.

Roughly I spoke about in this order:
* the Cetaceans and protecting not only them but all our oceans
* about the human-dolphin connction and the changes it causes in
everybodies lives
* about their larger brains, intelligence, about their amazing
sonar-echolocation system
* about how awful it is to be in captivity and the dolphinarium-busines
* about healing dolphins in lagoons open to the sea, the healing
powers of dolphins and real succesful examples of DAT
(dolphin-assisted therapy)
* about my background, a bit of my personal story with the Cetaceans
and my Shamanic Work and how dolphins and whales are connected to that
- the ancient knowledge and healing techniques
* about various legends, and through the legends, about the connection
to Sirius
* about the release of the French Government Archives this March of
all their ET-material as the first government in the world
* about 2012 the end of the Mayan calendar explaining it
scientifically too the earth running thru the center of the Milky Way
the Galactic Bulge / Alignment and our step into higher consciousness
- and how the dolphins and whales are aiding us in this process -
frequencies - all matter is energy / frequency
* about the sad details: how many Cetaceans are killed yearly and why
- I showed also short bits of film from the Japan-massacres as well as
from sonar-killing
* how to protect them
* about the telepathic and dream-time connection
* about swimming with and encountering them
* about Hawaii, the volcanoe and the 19,5 degree solar system
phenomena and the dolphins at 19,5 degree on Hawaii
* about making use of the "medicine" of the dolphins and whales
(Shamanic term) and being gentle warriors of light and love in this world

I´ll let you know when I´ll have the talk edited and ready

Thank you again for all your support - it´s what really made the
difference and just brought in so much more knowledge and information
- and love - and my love to all the dolphins in Hawaii. I´ll be back
in November and am really looking forward to it!

Now I´m relieved the lecture is over and am spending the next few days
swimming in the river, sleeping and eating :-)


View Trish Regan's 6 minute Video - Year of the Dolphin - on YouTube, which was shown at the presentation
Aloha HONC Supporters

If you click on link to our website, , on home page you will see several links explaining current actions you should take to support the efforts of the Hawaiian Ocean Noise Coalition effort to help the creatures in the sea survive the Navy's planned activities. Included are email links to three officials you should contact expressing your view, using the information provided in the other links as source material. You can also send copies of your letters to your newspapers for more exposure, and use the information to help prepare to speak at the Navy hearings listed for all islands. Also please pass the information on to others and encourage them to write & attend the hearing. Remember you needn't be an expert to testify, just say what you believe.

  While on the website, if you haven't already signed the petition, please do so, and ask others to do the same. Check out local businesses who have our petition at their shops and give them your support.

   If we can help you in any preparation, let us know. Mahalo.

Mike & the HONC team

PS You can hear Dr Marsha Green on Manao radio (link on website after business supporters list) on Tuesday 8/21/7 at 9:00 AM HST with Julie

Protect Ahu'ena Heiau - Protect Hawaii

Ho'owehewehe  "The Opening"

August 18 & 19, 2007
6:00pm - 6:00pm

A Prayer Vigil to Support  the Heiau at Ahu'ena Heiau
Kaiakeakua beach to Kailua Pier
near the King Kamehameha Hotel

Special gathering times:
6:00 - 9:00pm Saturday, 8/18
8:00am special canoe ceremony
8:30am - 11:30am &
3:00pm - 6:00pm Sunday 8/19

For more info contact:  Kulanan Huli Honua 808-327-0123
or email Kulana@hawaii.

See complete flyer with more information on the community web site here: