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Argentine Tango

Kim at

Anyone interested in dancing Argetine Tango please call Kim at I would be willing to teach what I know for a fee but am more interested in practicing with someone who is about at my level.

Waimea Office Space
Available for Health Practitione Professional, Warm, Convenient location Available 2 or 3 days weekly
Call 896-1008

Housekeeping/Ironing Position

A position is available for partime housekeeping in March, to assist
the regular housekeeper. The duties will consist mainly of laundering
and ironing high quality and delicate clothing and linens.

In addition to housekeeping, additional exeprience such as quilting and sewing can be helpful, as it relates to having superior ironing capablities which
is critical. Must be able to stand at an ironing board for many hours
in a day.

Must have own transportation and references.  This is a
pleasant work environment.
Please contact me by email at

Thank you,
Kema Nash
Kema's Property Services

Part-time Personal Assistant Wanted
For Musician/Recording Artist/Teacher
Assistant needed to manage professional calendar, coordinate gigs and teaching opportunities, tend to all correspondence;  phone, email, post, etc., collaborate on creating and maintaining a budget, assist in seeking out performance and teaching opportunities and be flexible with whatever elsecomes up. -Must have cooperative spirit while receiving directives
-Must have great attention to detail while seeing the big picture
-Must be organized, able to multitask & a good time manager
-Must have excellent computer skills: able to create marketing
materials with MS Word, Excel & PowerPoint or similar or more
advance software.
-Must have excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
-Must be comfortable with budget making and maintaining

-Marketing experience a plus
-Grant writing experience a plus
-Love of music a big plus ļ
For further inquiry
please email Jessica Marcus at

I INVITE YOU to a place to RE"TREAT" yourselves, slow down, get nurtured, get clear and cleansed....and I want to CO-CREATE with you!  PLEASE COME AND BE MY GUEST for a day to partake in whatever therapy you'd like, whether its juicing and `sitting', sweating (infr-red sauna) and stretching, soaking in jacuzzi and having a rub (BYO therapist), or just taking time out in a PEACEFUL SANCTUARY.  I am offering this for 2 reasons..........(click here to read more)

I'm selling women's clothes & accessories, art, & misc. things.  Email me and I'll send you a detailed list with prices. 
If you're interested in something, call me at 756-0046.

Mid to late mornings and early evenings are the best time for me to meet with you in Kailua.  Thanks, Adele

Aloha Podners:

One person's trash is another's treasure!  If you don't already belong to Freecycle Big Island, here's the yahoo group link:

From the site:

"The concept of Freecycle™ is simple. You have something you no longer need and you wish to "recycle" it rather than throw it into the garbage where eventually it will go to clutter our shrinking
landfills. You can post items to give away, or make a request for wanted items, but the bottom line is that it has to be FREE!

I am a resident of the Big Island of Hawaii. I am looking for a
caretaking job position in the service and maintenance industry. To be an on site, all in one person to utilize my over 25 years experience for grounds and building maintenance as well as property management skills. I am a non-drinker, non-smoking individual, with a pioneer spirit who is reliable, hardworking; loyal, and organized who is humorous,
respectful and organic
Tim S Edwin
H# 808 885-8475
C# 808 936-9398

Posted June 24,2007
Discount Raw Cacao and Gogi Berrys available
Due to being shipped an oversupply of Gogi Berrys and "Navitas" raw cacao powder I have these available at 2 lbs for $30 of either. Contact or 896 2369
much Thanks
In vibrant health Todd


Does the VOG bother you?
Do you have an allergic reaction to the mold in Hawaii?
Do you have allergic reactions to common allergens such as the pollens, trees and dust in Hawaii or animals?

I need 40 people with allergies to complete the final trial of my Homeopathy Remedies.

You will be given these remedies to try for FREE.

Please contact me to get started.

Mahalo and Blessings,

Edey Rose                       

Welcome to the aliberalis community school
Welcome to a new self-discovery school that is created and updated with the times we
           Live in to nurture and preserve the authentic development of your child:
Our center provides a warm and intentional nurturing sacred space for organic learning and sustainable living.Our community school is about learning to create a space of love in a team effort as a foundation to our life experience here for this time
in our precious lives. We offer appropriate structure for intellectual comprehension of academic study, experiential group sharing for authentic emotional growth, real life experiences that will teach them life skills for personal articulation with the world
within and around them. And a free for all community leisure space and time where they are free to experience play or anything that is to their inkling to do. We also include empowerment circles and intentional community dynamics that allow their spiritual nature to grow and be recognized without compliance to any one spirtual dogma.
Academic curriculum In the new world children need to be loved and harnesses, supported with joy, wisdom, and all that would harness their very value as a
child. When children are raised in a wholesome garden they become co
creators and natural earth stewards on earth. We are developing a healthy structure that allows the potential seeds of their innate knowledge to sprout naturally. Instead of encouraging children to memorize academic information by continuous storing data in their brains for the sole purpose of the curriculum. We have devised fun, inspirational and experintial ways to engage them and experience the curriculum in way that needs to suit there authentic needs. Our academic curriculum is designed to experientially guide, inspire and integrate their inherit knowledge which will allow them to evolve according to their own natural purpose. Academic learning subjects: Fun learning with inspirational academic study of: Sacred geometry/mathematics, English spelling and writing, history- geography, simple science, biology-botany, astronomy, music,
art/creativetey, exersize/yoga gymnastics/martial arts, and theater. Learning life skills Usually every adults dream was that we were prepared for real life in school. This school is going to fulfill some of those aspects so that
an adolescent going into the world is better prepared. Some of the Life skills they will learn is through the: The Rainbow world self discovery circle- A love based circle that guilds and provides knowledge, experiential exercises to evolve and assist their evolving wholeness. This program will include a curriculum that assists the chakra and the energy system of children to evolve in balance and health. A child will learn how to align their own energies and understand how to create boundaries and or energy connectedness by learning how to tune their own energies. This program will introduce one chakra every month or until naturally led to the next chakra - from the root till the crown chakra. The old world uniform of education in our opinion; Does not effectively prepare our precious children on learning real life aspects to contribute to their lives. Our overall educational system gives no attention to the most important aspect of our lives- our relationship to each other and embracing our authentic selves.We are going to change that uncanny unnecessary avoidance. Our new generations will not need to succumb to the unconscious slumber of the old world systemization.
Some of our other life skill programs are: Relationship mutuality/self esteem space of love We will have a relationship space of love in our centre that will introduce relationship mutuality for all ages. Also we will have a cirriculum that offers self esteem/self love education. We are developing an educational cirricula for parents on assistance and education on helping children increase self esteem. This intensional circle will give them hands on guidance preparation, experiential exercises and education on creating friendships, sibling cooperation, and conflict resolution and family harmony. learning about self development & emotions, psychology-how to express feelings and needs. Discovering talents and developing skills cirricula: Learning how to create a sustainable vocation that promotes inner happiness and utilizes their innate authentic talents and qualities. In our communal school we will prepare children in different stages to allow them to discover their authentic innate talents, gifts, and qualities that seem to be easy for them or perhaps even their greatest struggle. This class will allow them hands on discovery to help them discern what that can be for this time in their life. We will have ongoing education on susatainable living. Apprenticip will be promoted to develop skill. The lnner world self discovery circle- A love based circle that guilds a child into the their inner world and helps them understand the different levels of wholeness they embody such as spirit, emotion, mind and the body. This program is designed with specially written " lnner world" storybooks and a creative curriculum for the inner World Series called the "Seed Children".  Some of the other cirricula for learning life skills is: Health class- anatomy & food preperation, financial management, helping the environment, botany—growing their own organic garden/planting their own tree. Also extra programs will include learning how a car engine works, learning how our social structure operates and other useful life skill programs that will allow them to become articulate and able to more easily integrate into society. Experiential and community learning: Here children can learn naturally by hands-on experiential relating, and self discovery. By spending time with nature, we will have opportunity to learn from nature. Our community based school is intended for the children to learn from each other (instead of too much classroom study and grade focus) children will attain wholesome self esteem and learn to be more articulate and sensitive to themselves and each other. Thereby relating harmoniously in diverse situations with caring and consideration for all involved within real- life circumstances.
Teachers/guides/storytellers: We will have several teachers with
Waldorf experience and other ongoing creative community teachers from our community. We would also like to involve the entire community and parents to be
teachers and storytellers to respond with interest. Please inquire if you have any interest in being a participant with the children and or parents. We have a separate document/folder with more information and detail about our community school. Please inquire to receive more information. Please call or e-mail; aliberalis@... to receive more in depth information: Aliberalis seed children home school: 328-8123 to
leave a message or call 604-684-8038.

Posted August 14,2007
For Sale A Heavy duty Sewing Machine.
It Can Sew up to a half Inch Leather,canvas, Nylon or any other
Material. It is A Ferdco 440. Electric Motor Driven. Asking $2,000
Please Call Tim Edwin At 896-9583 or email us at
ledolphinplay@ or alohaedwins@ hawaiiantel. net

Aloha Poddies,
Anyone looking for part time working with kids? My boss Amy Iverson is looking for more tutors at Kealakehe Elementary, part time. Pay is great, esp if you have a bachelor's degree. Here's the scoop:
Amy_Iverson/ KEALAKEHE/ HIDOE@notes.
I'm still looking for more tutors. Let me know if you know of someone who is interested  in tutoring. Positions are first grade and fifth grade.
First grade is 8:00-11:15 daily.
Fifth grade is all day two days a week. This tutor would work with students in reading,  writing and math.
Okey dokey!
Posted September 6th,2007